I am open to various collaborations on both profit and non-profit projects. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you would like to collaborate with me.



  • Psychologist, PhD Student, R Enthusiast


  • Weight Stigma
  • Data Science
  • R & R Studio
  • Public Health
  • Psychometrics
  • Social Psychology

Key Publications

  • Flint, S. W., Čadek, M., Codreanu, S. C., Ivić, V., Zomer, C., & Gomoiu, A. (2016). Obesity Discrimination in the Recruitment Process:“You’re Not Hired!”. Frontiers in psychology, 7. LINK

  • Flint, S. W., Codreanu, S. C., Gomoiu, A., Čadek, M., Ivić, V., Zomer, C., & Walton, P. (2015). Obesity Discrimination in the Workplace: “You’re Hired!”. Journal of European Psychology Students, 6(2), 64–69. DOI